Security Camera and Alarm Systems

Combine HD Video Surveillance and Alarms with Smart Home Technology in One Solution / Monitor inside & outside your home with HD video / Deter intruders from entering with alarm sensors, siren and mobile alerts / Control all your smart home devices on your Smartphone


The Model 1601 is for high usage single-lane vehicular traffic control. Typical applications include commercial, industrial, gated communities and apartment complexes. A quick 1.5 second rotation opening time, along with rugged construction and multiple optional features make this 1601 a versatile answer to many parking control problems. The 1601 is available in white or gun metal gray finish.

Fingerprint Access Control

T60 is a professional fingerprint access control system which fully integrates LCD, keypad, optical fingerprint sensor, card reader and professional access control components. The very compact design makes it suitable for installation on doorframes. T60 can be used for both simple access control and separate type secure access control.

Business Wi-Fi Solutions

Edimax Pro, a series of business grade product solution, allows businesses build the reliable, cost-effective networks from wired to wireless, indoor to outdoor, long range PoE and long range Wi-Fi that drive progress